Free Bizarre Foods Episodes

Apple and The Travel Channel are running a promotion where you get free TV episodes on iTunes, called “Passport to Spring Break.”

I’m posting this because “Bizarre Foods” and “No Reservations” episodes are on there, and it’s another option for expats in Korea to get their TV fix.

In order to get it, you have to “Become a fan” of Apple Students at this link.

Then click the Travel Channel promotion on the left sidebar.  You’ll need an iTunes account for this to work.


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4 thoughts on “Free Bizarre Foods Episodes”

  1. Thanks for the tip! Just grabbed my episodes. Now how do we get the Korean gov’t to recognize Spring Break as a national holiday?

  2. Story idea for you: As far as I know, no one has written anything about Doughnut Plant opening up a few locations in southern Seoul. It’s good, but the cheapest donut is like 2,500 won. Definately a luxury doughnut. I’d offer to write the story for you, but I’m currently sans digital camera.

  3. definitely check out the doughnut plant! I actually live in the same hood as the original store on the lower east side. I had a long convo with the owner about his opening up shops in Seoul. I adore, adore their donuts. Hopefully they are keeping up the trend of seasonal flavas in addition to the standard blackout and tres leches donuts. Mmmm, donuts.


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