Big Hominid Does Brasilia

(Photo from Big Hominid’s Hairy Chasms)

Der Gross Hominid recently tried Brasilia’s (obviously a Brazilian restaurant) 25,000 won all-you-can-eat beef. He had six steaks but says he’s not a steak man. Yet we all know Big Hominid is a man who likes the beef, right?


Potato Octopus

First ZenKimchi Dining Article Published in Korea Herald


6 thoughts on “Big Hominid Does Brasilia”

  1. Hi ZK!

    My hubby is interested in checking this restaurant out. Any change you would have it’s addy and telephone number? Maybe even tips/directions on how to get there?


    Doddie aka Domestic Goddess

  2. ZK,

    For those who follow your link over to my blog post (thanks, by the way, for the shout-out): scroll down to the final three pictures and you’ll see that one of them is the sign, in Korean, with all the requisite information.

    Reservations recommended for busy nights (e.g., Friday night). I went on a non-Friday weekday; it was around 8:30PM, after the dinner rush, and the restaurant was nearly empty. I ate in relative peace.

    Kevin/der Grosse Hominid

  3. It looks good enough, but I’m going to stick with Churassco. After the initial post you did about it, I’ve been back several times to stuff myself. It’s also nice that there are a variety of items served.

    Plus, it’s closer to home (Gunpo).


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