So it looks like shooting on the documentary is about wrapped up, and we have our Hollywood celebrity to counter Gwyneth Paltrow’s presence in their previous one about Spain. And it’s Heather Graham.

“Heather Gra-yham…”

The title has also been changed to “Kimchi Chronicles,” which I think works better (two blogs already use that name). The preview video is up. Make sure to catch a glimpse of Jennifer “Fatman Seoul” Flinn.

When asked about which Korean foods would do well in America, Graham said barbecue and banchan–which is what we’ve been saying at ZenKimchi all along, as the hansik promoters have been ignoring barbecue and talking about reducing the number of banchan.

Well, we don’t reduce the number of banchan here. Order up!

News and Blogs

  • Gwangju will get Korea’s first coffee and cocoa museum
  • As much as I poke fun at the Korean food promoters, I’ll admit I like this bibmbap ad that’s playing in New York.
  • ZenKimchi represented Korea in the Wall Street Journal’s article on The Dishes Asian Foodies Can’t Live Without.”
  • LA Weekly talks about the 10 Things You May Not Know about Korean Food.” It’s hard to tell if the article implies it, but I don’t think L.A. Galbi means “Los Angeles” Galbi. The L.A. stands for lateral-axis cut. Still researching this.
  • Chandra Ram of chef magazine Plate writes a bit about her recent trip to Korea. Tammy and I have written articles for the upcoming January/February all-Korean edition of the magazine.
  • Korean blog Yummy Man’s Story showcases some Korean arak, which is the grandfather of soju and its connection to its Middle Eastern roots.
  • I have a copy of 10 Magazine’s new Itaewon World Map, and I’m diggin’ it.


  • The Korea Herald likes the new Craftworks Taphouse and Bistro. I stopped by there a few days ago. My feeling, if you care, is they opened wa-a-a-y too early. So don’t be harsh on them if you stop by there this month. Places like this need a month or two to debug.
  • Joe DiStefano checks out the cuisine at the Korean spa Sky Garden.
  • Yetnal Jip in Hongdae, just some good barbecue.
  • Paul Ajosshi raves more about OK2. I went there for the first time this week, and OMG–new candidate for the top ten best restaurants in Seoul.
  • Kiss My Kimchi does Two Broz Burgers


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