Han-oo Beef

Han-oo Beef cookin' away at Uri Boriso Maul in Anyang

Everyone’s in vacation mode, and I think we’ve been a little guilty of it ourselves at ZenKimchi. We have a lot going on in the background. Well, not a LOT lot, but there’s a lot of busy-ness. I guess that’s why they call it “business.”

A little banchan to start the week.

  • For Seoul peeps, Roofers recently added a cocktail that got my attention during the summer heat. Tropical Spice. It’s spiced rum, coconut rum, orange and pineapple juices and grenadine. Quite enjoyed it with a Thai Tuna Melt.
  • “The Korean” from “Ask a Korean,” who we recently linked to in the dog meat debate, was featured in The New York Times.
  • Fatman opines about a hearty buckwheat restaurant.
  • Aeri makes Lee Hyori’s (yes, that Lee Hyori) potato pancakes.
  • The Spoof does another predictably unfunny article about Koreans eating pets.
  • Robert “The Marmot” Koehler’s new travel blog is one of my favorite sites now. Just gorgeous. Inside we see the origin of budae jjigae and ZenKimchi favorite restaurant Gwanghwamun Jip.
  • Wine Korea has their picks for summer wines to enjoy in Korea
  • Mega-site faabo.com has added ZenKimchi to their Asian food page.
  • Gusts of Popular Feeling relays a bit from Robert Neff’s new Korean history book portraying Koreans’ first love affair with mustard–long before it ended up as honey mustard squiggles on anything considered western.
  • And in personal anecdotes, we went to one of my favorite BBQ joints and ended up getting some free food for on-the-fly menu translation.
  • Related to the previous line, who thinks American diners, restaurateurs and chefs would be interested in importing Korean Han-oo beef?

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