Banchan for January 21st, 2010

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Rice Cooker Series – Carrot Cake

Profile: Moon Sung Sil


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  1. Wishful thinking, but I do wish death upon the chain of Outback Korea stores. They are the Wal-Mart/Starbucks of dining in Korea, and are crippling progress towards real food and dining in Korea. I’ve been so disappointed by Outback Korea so many times, I really do just wish it’d disappear forever; the ‘mushroom soup’ starter is the dry Ottugi powdered instant stuff, the steaks I’ve ordered have never been cooked as I ordered and once or more I ended up receiving the Korean seasoning in the steak (which completely negated my reason for going in the first place), I have no recollection of the green salads but I’m sure they featured canned fruits and/or yogurt dressing, and the tab for two eating steaks and having a beer probably broke into the 70-80K won range. I realize that all of the Korean kids that show up usually have some form of 30% mobile phone card discount and they come to share a single plate of food, but no tears here if Outback Korea were to bite the dust someday.

    I think there is plenty in what David Hyun (of Smokey’s Saloon) is doing with Isabelle’s Porterhouse in Itaewon; i.e. a ‘premium’ steakhouse by Korean standards. He’s got his A+(+) grade Korean steaks and Australian wagyus dry aged for 21 days; they are pricey but worth the coin. His sides need a little work (his creamed spinach tastes more like a bowl of minced sigeumchi namul and no one has taught him that asparagus should be trimmed of the woody ends apparently… and I know where he gets all his stuff, it’s a big store that starts with a ‘C’) but his heart is in the right place. I see the premium steakhouse thing working marvelously in Korea, but knowing how things work here, it might require a brand name like a Ruth’s Chris et al outpost somewhere in Kangnam to work… I could stomach that a lot easier than seeing Outback after Outback though…

    • I’ve seen Isabella’s around and have heard blah about it. But good on him for attempting to do the classic steak house thing, all the way down to the creamed spinach. I agree about the premium steakhouse. It may, though, need to be altered for the Korean market by adding more vegetable sides. Classic New York steakhouses have only sparse vegetables as a formality.

  2. I was at H Mart recently and saw everyone that passed a gigantic stack of Choco Pies take a box. I figured I should take one, too. They’re good. I’m just relieved there’s no red bean paste hidden inside.

  3. Hey, I have some pleasant memories of the ‘mushroom soup’ by Ottugi! LOL! I actually crave it once in a while and have to jump in the car and head to the Korean grocery store and get some!


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