Night shot of the snowy mountain outside my apartment

Night shot of the snowy mountain outside my apartment

The Mariah Carey music gets louder as the Christmas cake displays pile on outside any business with an oven or ice cream freezer. Even Cold Stone has gotten into the act this year. Downtown Seoul is even more lit up than last year, and Coca-Cola has taken over Gangnam. To all the complainers that Christmas gets more and more commercial, the west can never beat Korea.


Here’s some banchan for your stocking:

News and Blogs

  • Fave (and only) microbrew importer KaBrew will have some all-you-can-drink New Year’s party
  • Grace Young won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Stir-frying to the Sky’s Edge. You can read ZenKimchi’s interview with Grace here.
  • Korean tacos are one of the top ten memes on Serious Eats for 2010
  • Mahalo teaches how to order galbi in Korean (via Starting Out London)
  • A Korean-American joint venture hopes to open a cattle processing plant in North Dakota to process and export 1,250 heads of cattle a day [HT a reader]
  • Was surprised to find my name while reading this one as a voice of dissent



And finally…

Are you ready to TROT???


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