A Parisian take on Bibimbap

Here’s what’s been happening in the Korean food blog world lately:

Maangchi interviews über-food-blogger David Liebovitz about his Korean food prowess in Paris

Dan of Seoul Eats and Vinestock Thomas will be on KBS1 at 8 p.m. tonight

I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere else, but I’m obligated to post about nasty ass sausage sticks being used as iPhone styli

I’ll be on KBS World radio sometime soon talking about Seollal foods and the future of Korean food abroad.  Will keep you informed.

Aeri is holding a Valentine’s themed cookbook contest

Des Moines will hold a Korean culture festival for Seollal

MBC will air a program on the globalization of Korean food.  (NOTE: We were supposed to be on this program but had scheduling difficulties)

For Hawaiians: Walter Rhee holds Korean cooking tours and classes

For those of you who remember the original Japanese Iron Chef, the lone Korean challenger in the entirety of the series, Chef Lee Myeong Suk, has opened a place at a food court at Mitsuwa Marketplace in Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA

The Gov’ment’s worried about Korean restaurants’ popularity declining against Thai and Italian restaurants in Japan

Yea! More Korean space food!

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