This is a work in progress that I’ve been meaning to start. Stafford Lumsden pushed me to go ahead with it.

What we have here is a chart I’ve drawn and put together conglomerated from various sources. Now, even when I ask people in restaurants and butchers, I get vague responses about the origins of certain cuts. My guess is that it’s all blurry in some areas and may be regional. I’ve found different names for cuts, and the pork cut charts vary a bit. Some of the cuts I haven’t been able to find on any charts in Korean.

As I started out saying, this is a work in progress. If you have any more information or questions, post them in the comments. In the meantime, here’s some extra info I’ve found or am trying to work out.

Galmaegisal 갈매기살 – skirt (diaphragm)

Huji 후지/Duitdari 뒷다리 – Ham

DeungGalbi 등갈비 – Baby back ribs

Mokshim 목심 – Boston Butt

Apdari 압다리 – Picnic Shoulder

Gabeurisal 가브리살 – A larger cut near the hangjeongsal region?

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