Red Mango

Eater.com has posted a series of stories about the upcoming battle between L.A. native Pinkberry (with the suggestive name) and the Korean yogurt giant Red Mango (with the suggestive slogan).

Pinkberry was started by a 32 year-old Korean woman in Los Angeles. Supposedly inspired by Red Mango in Korea, Pinkberry became an instant hit in the area with droves coming to the yogurt shop, earning it the nickname “Crackberry.”

Not to be outdone, Red Mango has started building stores in California. It doesn’t plan to expand as rapidly as it has in Korea, only ten stores in the U.S. by the end of the year (Los Angeles, San Diego, and possibly Seattle).

Even though Pinkberry may be a copycat of Red Mango, it’s under its radar compared to California Roll & Sushi, which claims to sell original Red Mango yogurt. They’re taking legal action against them.

No telling how the battle between Pinkberry and Red Mango will heat up. Nonetheless, a frozen yogurt story like this is making me ready for summer.

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