Kiwi Strawberry “Toast”

Kiwi Strawberry Toast

Brian out of Jeollanam-do recently did a cell phone pic dump from his time in Korea. One notable pic was what was actually considered palatable in a school cafeteria.

Seriously thinking of teaching a course in Korea on basic sandwich rules.

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2 thoughts on “Kiwi Strawberry “Toast””

  1. LOL, thanks. I was, and am, surprised at how well the picture turned out considering it was from my cellphone and most of my other cellphone pics look like crap.

    Therese would be a good person to talk to about Korean sandwiches in Suncheon / Jeollanam-do. She’s experienced some doozies from her English camps.

    For any cafeteria workers reading, a slice of apple with the skin on it is not an acceptable substitute for a tomato on a sandwich.


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