After our trip to Sh-wing, we went across the street to 7-Eleven for some sojus and more snacks. I love looking at the sandwich and samgak (triangle) kimbap sections to see what new flavors they come out with. That night, I found something that blew my mind: a buldalk (“fire chicken”) pizza sandwich.

It combined two great late night drinking foods between two slices of bread.

Even better, it had grill marks. Those grill marks weren’t painted on. It was toasted. I guess the chilled panini look is getting popular in Seoul.

Inside was a spot of filling. It had some red sauce that tasted somewhat like pizza sauce, some bits of chicken, green pepper, and shredded cheese. The taste? Well, considering that my tongue was numb from Krazy Koreans and beer, it wasn’t too bad.

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