What About Bob?

I saw this ad on TV, and I went, “Wha…?”

It’s not just the ad itself. Just think about it — Bob and Yogurt?Oh, that was a transfer of the Korean script to English. I’d pronounce it more “Bap” and Yogurt.

And, yes, it’s bap — rice.

Rice and yogurt — together at last! Your rice got into my yogurt. Your yogurt got into my rice. Two great tastes that taste — ooh, I’m scared of how they’d taste. It sounds disgusting, like a yogurt rice pudding.

I thought I’d take one for the team, and a bought one at a convenience store. Took it home. Peeled off the top and got this.

Okay. The design is very Zen — or Pepsi, depending on how you look at it. It turns out that the rice is not the white sticky stuff we eat every day here. It’s black rice and brown rice. They have a lot more texture and earthy flavor.

The taste?

The yogurt is yogurt. Not very tart. Slightly sweet like Korean yogurt tends to be — more like Yoplait. In fact, it tasted a lot like the Yoplait that is mixed with grains. The rice tastes more like cereal, and it’s really good. Chewy, too.


Calm down, buddy. I saved some for you.

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5 thoughts on “What About Bob?”

  1. This is very interesting combination….
    Koreans usually eat yogurt as snack…but this one can be a very good breakfast item….I know Europeans eat cereal and yogurt together for breakfast…

  2. Hi there! Thank you for sharing all the foods info in your blog 🙂 The ads was very funny.. LOL.. kinda weird though.

    The rice yogurt idea looks very similar to Yoplait Le Rice (which comes in mango, forest berries, etc. but i think classic vanilla is the best ;p). cant wait to try the korean version.


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