Picture 781

I still stand by my conviction that Pizza School has the best pepperoni for the price you pay.  Since they cater to school children, they also have some pretty whacky offerings.  This is the latest one to come out: Pork Rib Pizza.

Picture 784

Bone-in pork ribs on a pizza.  Hey, I was a fan of the old Pizza Hut BBQ pizza in the late ’80s.  This may not be so bad.  In fact, as far as flavor, it wasn’t.  Get yourself a mouthful of barbecue and then a bit of pizza and it wasn’t an unpleasant experience.

But I did notice something.  The bones were a little, um, squishy.  The ultimate disgust happened when I bit into a rib and bit right through.  The bone disintegrated like jelly.  I stopped eating the pizza right there and felt like I was going to throw up during much of the day.  Trying to think of what violent processing went on to make a pork rib fall apart like wet cardboard and what it was doing to my insides at that very moment.

Gonna stick with the pepperoni.

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