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The main site may be in April Fools mode, but this post is no joke. Kim at Socius in Daejeon reports that The Face Shop is planning to launch a line of kimchi-based cosmetics that take advantage of the lactic acid and antioxidants in the “super food.”

On top of that, the Chosun Ilbo says that doctors at a few Korean universities, including one with the unfortunate name of Dr. Poo Ha-ryoung, are promoting the ingredients in Changgukjang, the stinky, stinky soybean paste, as cosmetics. The Korean Food and Drug Administration has approved of its use in cosmetics.

I’ll just save the trouble and just smear food on my face at the restaurant.

CORRECTION: I knew I shouldn’t have posted that before checking the sources. I was just too eager to have two similar stories in one shot. I sent an email to Kim at Socius asking her where she found the kimchi story. I just received her response, a few hours after posting.

Same place you found yours about Feetman Seoul’s Andre Kim day 😉

Gotcha! Happy April Fool’s.
So, the kimchi story is not real. But the changukjang story IS!
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