Beer That Makes You Poo and MORE

Oh, The Chosun Ilbo has an article highlighting products to suit consumers’ wishes. This includes items such as a Hite beer (called “S”) that has extra dietary fiber. They claim that it’s to help people lose weight. But we all know how it will accomplish the task.

And it’s too much of the stars aligning just right that they are planning to call it “S,” as in “S Hite.”

So now, literally, “Hite makes you shite.”

Also there’s a gum to help you sing, a drink to help kids do well on their college exams, a vegan ice cream, and (from Paris Baguette) a bread that doubles as an appetite suppressant. Personally, I think most all the bread at Paris Baguette, particularly the green ones, does a good enough job to suppress my appetite.

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