Another Korean WTF Sandwich

Rob at Seoul Eats reports that Post, the cereal makers, have a recipe for a cereal sandwich to add to the sandwich abominations that infest Korean bakeries and picnics.

Who designed this?  Ally Sheedy’s character in Breakfast Club?  What?  No Pixy Sticks involved?

Outside of American chains, has anyone seen a Korean sandwich that doesn’t look like it was assembled by a five-year-old let loose in the kitchen?

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4 thoughts on “Another Korean WTF Sandwich”

  1. I never really thought about it until now, but you’re totally right! Every Korean sandwich I have ever seen has looked like a toddler thought up the ingredients.

  2. I told Dan that when I was a child, my grandmother mixed cornflakes into the peanut butter and put it on apple slices. This is not beyond the pale, IMO. Childish, I suppose but it’s fun.

  3. Koreans do some truly terrifying-nauseating foodcrime with their sandwiches. The worst I came across was a Tuna Mayo Salad Sadwich that had been ‘improved’ by the addition of Strawberry Jam!

    Sugared Garlic Bread anyone? Sandwichcrime in Korea knows no bounds!


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