Last week, my first ever piece for theWall Street Journal was published. It covers Chef Woo-joong Kwon and his restaurant East Village, which strives successfully to do Korean fine dining. We particularly talk about his restaurant’s signature dish, an upgrade of tteokgalbi, which is usually like a flaccid hamburger steak. I ate this after taking the photos, and it is definitely different. The meat has the bouncy texture of ribs but still is easy to chew. This is because the staff hand trims the prime parts in between the ribs and methodically dices them by hand. Because it’s so labor intensive they can only sell five dishes a night. That also explains the price, and you have to order it ahead of time.

On a personal level, this is my second time writing for a major publication based in America, the first being Plate Magazine–and the editing process is so super professional. I love it! A simple article like that was methodically combed through and rewritten for a month. Click below for the article.

Seoul Food Refined – The Wall Street Journal

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