Finally got my hands on a copy. This is the first of six episodes of G-Korea I did for Arirang this summer, traveling around Korea. This is about Jeju Island. I do some parasailing and go out on a yacht. I hump it up a mountain at four in the morning to watch a sunrise. For comic relief, I try to balance on a surfboard. My bathing suit ripped during my successful attempt, so don’t examine it too closely. The lady at the folk village was a hoot. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there for the Haenyeo (female divers) segment and gorge on sea urchin. A lot of things got rewired in this episode, but the crew made it come together in the end.


We only filmed my parts on a single weekend, but my harried experience there made me want to return. I discovered that I love Jeju cuisine. One of my most decadent breakfasts this year was a briny seaweed soup with chunks of sea urchin roe. I think in Korea, the general public hasn’t yet considered sea urchin roe a delicacy as they do abalone. So missing out!

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