The Great Dog Meat Controversy

My first and only experience with dog meat, August 2004

“The Korean” at Ask a Korean tackles the ultimate great Han controversy of eating dog meat.  I have to say that each year I’ve been meaning to delve into the subject, but summer passes too quickly.  Mr. The Korean articulates the points much better than I was planning to.

Dog – It’s What’s for Dinner


Vintage Post: Public Health Warning For Zenkimchi Readers: Death Burger On Sale Now

North Korean Raengmyeon Ad


3 thoughts on “The Great Dog Meat Controversy”

  1. It seems that every summer, the debate over dog meat repeats itself over and over again like a broken record.
    There were animal rights wackos protesting in front of South Korean embassies and consulates earlier this summer ranting about dog meat.
    They supposedly held a protest out on Court House Square in Santa Rosa, CA which doesn’t have much of a Korean population. What business is it of these white liberal snobs to tell Koreans what to eat? It just upset me.
    Here are the photos if you want to take a look.


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