We saw this in Insa-dong this past weekend.  They’ve actually been there for a few months.  The Insa-dong and Jongno areas tend to be where new street foods are introduced, outside of Myeong-dong.  That’s where the Chuncheon-style dalkgocchi (chicken on a stick) started, where they grill thick morsels of chicken and veggies over charcoal.  It’s also the home of some of the most popular hoddeok in Seoul, with lines around the cart.  I think the secret is they use corn meal in the batter.

This little operation has bulgogi-stuffed and sweet-potato-and-walnut-stuffed breads that are cooked tandoori style over charcoal.

CAUTION: These little buggers are hot and remain so for a long time, even on the outside.  These will be quite useful in the winter as hand warmers.

We got the bulgogi version.  I didn’t immediately taste much charcoal smoke, but it had a nice toasted quality that will make me buy these (2,000 won) every time I’m back in the area.

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