I was walking home from work Friday night, when I passed a truck selling steamed crabs. I have seen these trucks on occasion, but usually I was not in the mood for crab, and really, would YOU buy seafood from a truck on the side of the road?

There was a small group of people around the truck, and he was giving free samples. I decided to give it a chance. He sold me three crabs for 20,000 won ($20).

While he was bagging my crabs, I noticed some lumpy purple things in a steam basket. I thought they were Korean sweet potatoes. On closer inspection, I noticed they were stuffed squids. He said, “Ojingeo sundae.”

I took this to mean that they were squid stuffed with Korean sausage. I bought three of those and took them home, along with the free packet of gochujang he threw in.

The crabs were actually okay. Eun Jeong, my girlfriend, showed me a more efficient way of opening them than the clumsy crab crackers and mallets that we’re used to. She used kitchen shears to cleanly and quickly open them up. It made so much sense, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of this before.

We enjoyed the crabs with gochujang and melted garlic butter. I also roasted and steamed some sweet potatoes.

The stuffed squid, though, was a misunderstanding on my part. Rather than being stuffed with sausage, they were stuffed like sausage. The stuffing was a bland mixture of mashed potatoes and carrots. After three slices, we threw the rest of the squiddies away. But hey, sausage-stuffed squid… I think I’m getting some evil ideas.

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