The Myeong-dong area is full of shops. It’s also full of street food stands. They all tend to sell the same thing–which is usually the latest trend in Korean street food. Last year there were rows of Takoyaki stalls. Now they’re all gone. Everyone is doing these spiral cut fried potatoes.

Cool concept. It looks like they’re from a central producer because the vendors get the raw spiral cut potatoes from sealed plastic bags that look like they came from a restaurant distributor. After buying a Spiral Potato, the customer coats it in a dish of cheese powder.

These aren’t too bad, but they are also easy to screw up. They can get over fried and hard as a rock if not eaten fresh out of the fryer, like the Goguma Sticks (Sweet Potato French Fries).

Like the Takoyaki stands, be prepared to see Fried Spiral Potatoes leave Myeong-dong and head into the suburbs.

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