I came across this monster outside of Anyang Station. There’s a good string of pojang machas (street food stands) to the left leaving the station. There is some good healthy competition and innovation going on there, including the chicken-on-a-stick stand with bowls and bowls of sauces you can brush on your grilled chicken.

This is like a typical odeng/eomuk (fish noodle) stand–except that the noodles have been soaking in a hot bath of crab essence.

See them back there?

I didn’t ask if you could actually get one of the bad boys themselves. The odeng itself was freakin’ spicy–even for me. But it was amazing. The stand had the normal soy-based brushing sauce and a wasabi-based one. It also had a tub of crab odeng without the heat.

I may do that one the next time.