Curtis File has written a story for Yonhap about the popular Noryangjin food stalls and the movement by restaurants and convenience stores to kick them out. This may sound familiar to you, as it’s where we posted about the unique Poktanbap “Bomb Rice” (and recipe). It’s one of the coolest street food areas in Seoul. It’s a shame–a crime–that the corporate franchises are getting them kicked out. I don’t know the details of how the system is done there, but it seems like a good compromise is to have the stalls register with the government and pay taxes. I seriously doubt that would appease the franchises, as I’m sure that’s the bone they grabbed on to. They want the competition out of their area.

And the Seoul government has a reputation for being ashamed of its street food culture.

Food stalls become source of livelihood and bad business (Yonhap)

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