Smothered Raw Crabs (GeiJang 게장)

These are one of my first loves in Korean food. Whenever we went out for galbi, I pushed for the restaurants with the best GeiJang 게장, raw split crabs smothered in a gochujang mixture.

Smothered Raw Crabs (GeiJang 게장)

Eun Jeong tries to make it look dignified, but, like eating ribs in the South, there’s no dainty graceful way to eat these. For me, I use a combination of chopsticks and fingers to transport the little crabbies to my mouth, where I proceed to suck and suck hard–like a new Rocco DiSpirito reality show.

Like many shellfish, this is a sensual food. You can’t avoid the sexual metaphors on this one.

Smothered Raw Crabs (GeiJang 게장)

Oh, and here’s some more galbi food porn.

Smothered Raw Crabs (GeiJang 게장)Smothered Raw Crabs (GeiJang 게장)

Smothered Raw Crabs (GeiJang 게장)

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