Smothered Raw Crabs (GeiJang 게장)

These are one of my first loves in Korean food. Whenever we went out for galbi, I pushed for the restaurants with the best GeiJang 게장, raw split crabs smothered in a gochujang mixture.

Eun Jeong tries to make it look dignified, but, like eating ribs in the South, there’s no dainty graceful way to eat these. For me, I use a combination of chopsticks and fingers to transport the little crabbies to my mouth, where I proceed to suck and suck hard–like a new Rocco DiSpirito reality show.

Like many shellfish, this is a sensual food. You can’t avoid the sexual metaphors on this one.

Oh, and here’s some more galbi food porn.


NYT and Pajeon

EBS Time


12 thoughts on “Smothered Raw Crabs (GeiJang 게장)”

  1. I’m not a fan of brined crab. I’ve tried it, and it’s just too gooey and not as flavorful as it would be cooked. I usually end up tossing it on the grill. I remember the time that my girlfriend ordered it for home delivery, but the sauce was too sweet so she wasn’t eating it. I tossed the crab in the toaster oven, and then she agreed that crab is much better cooked. Sushi, carpaccio, prosciutto and all great… but brined crab? Give it heat.

  2. I still have cravings for the Rice/Bun Kimchee Burger at my local Lotteria in Chilgok Pukdaegu. That was three years ago. ‘WTF’ maybe, but I loved these suckers.

  3. This is actually called Yang-nyun gye-jang, which means spiced raw crab. ge-jang, or gan-jang- ge-jang, is crab marinated in soy sauce


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