Mary at maryeats has done the world a great service. She has gone through, translated, and provided descriptions to the menu at Kimbap Nara.

Kimbap Nara, Kimbap Cheonguk, Kimbap Sarang — these places are the heart of daily life Korean food. The food is cheap, usually fast, and satisfies your Korean fast food cravings. And they’re everywhere, packed with students, blue collar workers, office drones, families, and grandmas.

It is also likely the most accessible place for a newbie in Korea to start his surviving skills in ordering food.

Even though there are pictures in most restaurants, the menus are all in Korean. Hangeul (the Korean alphabet) is easy to learn, but even a newbie who knows Hangeul (as I was) still can’t read an entire menu in an efficient amount of time.

This is where Mary has come in and provided this public service to help the new foreigner adjusting to the Land of the Morning Calm and to make those of you outside the peninsula just drool and wish you were us.


Here is Mary’s menu translation.

Oh, and remember, as with all Korean restaurants, side dishes are free.

Also, for any fans of the Kimbap restaurants, there’s a decent thread on them at the GalbiJim forums.

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