Groovy Find: Spicy Lamb Bulgogi at Home Plus



Yes! I found this at Home Plus.  Even though I found proof somewhere that Koreans used to eat lamb, it’s not common today. Lamb can be found only in foreign supermarkets.

Until recently.

I saw this at Home Plus. Mr. Beaks Premium Chili Paste Lamb Bulgogi.



Out of the package, it’s straight up bulgogi. Just thinly sliced meat and marinade. No vegetables. I coulda added some onions and carrots, but… NAH…


It was easy to fry up, but I didn’t need to add oil to the pan. This was much greasier than its beef and pork counterparts. I had to drain the pan twice.


Too bad we didn’t have any video rolling when I tried my first morsel straight outta the pan. It was so good that it took a few minutes for my eyes to roll back to the forward position. Sweet, garlicky, very lamby–almost mutton-like. At the end was some nice heat. Like spicy lamb candy.



I just served it deopbap style over rice with some kimchi. Even Jian enjoyed it. I thought this pack would last us a couple of days, but we ate the entire pack in one sitting. Gone!



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I Love You, Bae 배 사랑해요


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  1. I’ve always wondered if “양고기” refers to mutton, lamb, or both? How are the two distinguished in Korea? Am I really eating lamb at all these restaurants (and buying it at the store), or am I really buying mutton?


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