Korean Buddhist Temple Cuisine

A few weeks ago, I went to an event in Seoul educating foreigners about Korean Buddhist temple cuisine. While there, I met a few interesting folks. At least two of them knew about it through the blog. (Cool!)

One of the attendees, Y.W. of The Will to Blog, recently posted about her experience there. She did a much better job of showing it off than I could–and it saved me the trouble of having to write about it.

Actually, I am writing about it for the December issue of SEOUL Magazine. Proofreading the copy now and taking out as much of the foul language as I can catch.


North Korea's First Foreign-owned Restaurant

French Newspaper Touts Korean Cuisine


7 thoughts on “Korean Buddhist Temple Cuisine”

  1. In regards to “gastro-travel,” do you know of any organized tours or similar sorts of things (like food tours/classes) for travel to Korea?

  2. You know, I would love to start some Korean food tours myself. I think that’s one lucrative business opportunity. Well, a small one.

    I don’t know of any right now, but I’ll tell you if I find out anything. If you bug the Korea National Tourism Organization, they may just put something together.


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