Rounding out my 50% ice cream festival are two products that aren’t as strange as they are decadent and noteworthy.

The first is an ice cream called Cafe Au Lait. It takes coffee ice cream to a new level.

Looks simple enough, but take a bite.

Smooth coffee ice cream inside–what’s this–a coffee flavored shell. Holy coffee overload, Batman! Lucky I had this one for breakfast.

The other one is notable because its name makes me pine for home a little. It’s an ice cream called Waffle House. Of course, the picture of the Waffle House on the package looks like no Waffle House I’ve ever been to.

Simple ice cream sandwich with a soft waffle on the outside.

A side view to match the top view for any of you wishing to make this into a 3-D model.

The waffle had some flavor, and the vanilla ice cream was standard. A little strawberry filling gave it that extra kick. Woulda been cool if they had maple syrup and butter inside.

Too late. I’m gonna patent that idea.

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