Pizza School–Learn About It

Again, I know. I hear it all the time. “Korean pizza sucks.”

That’s why I avoided this little place called Pizza School that has been popping up everywhere, particularly in areas with lots of students. And I found out why.

Most of the pizzas are just 5,000 won ($5), making them affordable to students, who pack the place all the time.

So let’s see…

  • Korean pizza
  • Very cheap
  • Something that only kids are eating, and kids are known for eating some nasty junk

Why would this place be any good?

It would be for only one reason. Take yourself back to the late 1980s and early 1990s. Likely you were in school in those days–middle school, high school, college. You couldn’t afford pricey Pizza Hut pizzas, and Domino’s always tasted too bland. Papa John’s was good, but you still didn’t have it in your budget. The only thing you could afford was from a little restaurant with a little Roman dictator saying, “Pizza! Pizza!”

Remember that place? Remember the pepperoni?

It tasted cheap and greasy, but it was good. It hit the right notes for student pizza.

Now look at this.

This is Pizza School’s pepperoni. We have gotten this regularly because it reminds all of us foreign teachers of Little Caesar’s pepperoni pizza.

We’ve tried some of the other pizzas at Pizza School, and yeah, they follow the Korean rules for pizzas (make them sweet with lots of corn).

Yet the pepperoni shines.

It’s only 5,000 won. If you have tried it comment below and tell us we’re crazy for making this comparison.


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8 thoughts on “Pizza School–Learn About It”

  1. I absolutely agree about Pizza School. I first had it about a week after getting to Korea, and I thought it was good for the price. I was even more impressed when I found out how expensive and mediocre Pizza Hut is in Korea. There was a pizza school just around the corner from my school, and I must have had it twice a week for 6 months before I finally got tired of it.

  2. Pizza school is great, 5000 won for a nice tasting and fresh from the oven pizza, except it made me get too fat, which my students were unforgiving of. “Teacher is Fat!”

  3. Totally agree. Been trying different forms of Korean fusion foods for the last eight years. Most taste hideously but school pizza ia a shining exception to this rule.

  4. I’ve tried the Curry Pizza, the Napoli Pizza (with cherry tomato slices) and the Mexican Pizza. I actually like the Mexican one because it’s so spicy.

    Also, their Cheese Oven Spaghetti rocks, especially with a garlic baguette from Paris Baguette. There’s something in that sauce, like chili powder, that makes it sort of smell like Taco Bell’s taco sauce.

  5. I like Pizza School. It’s definitely the cheapest pizza I’ve found in Korea, and their curry pizza is definitely worth trying. I will admit I was iffy at first, but I love it. It’s one of their more expensive pizzas at 9,000, but it’s definitely worth it! Long live Curry Pizza!!

  6. it should be great if the place offers delivery serice with some extra money,.
    i need to investigate more on why the pizza is so cheap!


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