Guest post here from ForeignerJoy, the one and only curly-haired artist who is out there looking for the perfect patbingsu. As the summer starts to heat up and your air conditioner gets cranking, one can’t help but want a cool treat in the evening.

Here I was again searching in my neck of Seoul, Nowon, for the best patbingsu. I came upon the Cafe Ti-amo, and was sold by their advertisement outside. To my delight their patbingsu offering was pretty scrumptious, so let’s find out why.

First of all, let me just mention that this cafe was decked out with Legos models. The owner obviously has a thing for small plastic blocks and you could even find many Harry Potters amongst the mix.

Don’t let this dark image fool you, this patbingsu comes very close to being this summer’s best. It had all the essential toppings like tteok cakes, cornflakes, sweet beans and mixed fruit. But the special ingredient seemed to be the dollop of gelato on top.

But the best part came when we went into mixing it.

Was this the most wonderful patbingsu of the summer? ~no~

I still feel I can find one out there that is truly home-crafted and unique that no chain-cafe can master. Till that time comes…have you found a magnificent patbingsu yet?

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