Move Over Crunchy Frog — Here's Crunchy Shrimp

I have mentioned in the past that the Shrimp Burgers are one of the few things Lotteria does well. So I was intrigued when they came out with Crunchy Sae-u 크런치 새우, which are basically the Shrimp Burger patties made smaller with more panko breadcrumb breading.

Yes, they do taste like the Shrimp Burgers. It doesn’t look like it in the picture, but there is ample shrimp meat in there and not as much filler as originally assumed. They also come with a packet of sweet chili “Jambalaya” sauce for dipping.

Another unique Lotteria side item to add to the Potato Balls and Sweet Potato Fries.


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5 thoughts on “Move Over Crunchy Frog — Here's Crunchy Shrimp”

  1. That last one looks pretty fancy for 5,000 won…

    I’m a big fan of the It’s Pizza chain. For 7,000 won you can get a cheese crust pizza made with cripsy (and greasy) rice dough. I just wish they were as generous with pineapples on their Hawaiian pizzas as they are with corn on their other ones.

  2. Pizza School pepperoni is good stuff =)

    I can’t (or rather shouldn’t) finish one alone, so it’s always tough trying to convince someone else that this Korean pizza in particular is good.

  3. I miss Korean potato pizza!! My girlfriend showed me this at a Pizza Hut in Busan…its really good, haha. Can’t wait to be back in Korea…under two months now ^0^

  4. I love Pizza School pepperoni pizza. For only 5000 Won, it was an awesome deal, and it tasted soooooo good. For only 2000 more you could get cheesy crust too. I loved Pizza School more than any other Korean pizza chain. Most of the time I even preferred it over Papa John’s or Pizza Hut. Man I miss Pizza School. Do they deliver to the States?

  5. So where do you find these places? They sound great – but the website’s all in Korean. I’m here in Seoul and need a cheap meal – help?


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