Ice Cream for a Dentist’s Kid

I love summer’s new ice creams! This one is called Al Gum Bar. What makes this one unique?

Yes, it contains sugarless gum with that magical tooth enhancing ingredient, xylitol. Actually, I think it’s the Xylitol brand gum, which, okay, does have xylitol in it. Whatever. There’s gum there.

And it’s in the “stick.” Had to take this picture fast because the ice cream was collapsing. Camera just refused to focus.

The ice cream itself is strawberry flavor with what I think is a basic ice milk middle. The strawberry flavor was too over powering to taste what the middle part was. So why do they have it?

Maybe it’s just decoration.

Finishing the bar gives you a vial of contraband. I wonder how far I’ll get at the airport with something like this.

There we have it. Gum. In an ice cream bar. Now you can clean your teeth after eating a sugary snack.

Guilt free.


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5 thoughts on “Ice Cream for a Dentist’s Kid”

  1. Looks like. I know I haven’t seen that anywhere in the US. I still wonder about chewing gum after eating. I work in a dentists office as a secretary assistant, and I haven’t asked them about that advice. I’ll have to soon.

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