Make it taste better!

At least that’s one of the reasons that The Asia Pacific Post gave for the turnaround in fast food’s profits in South Korea this year after five years of decline.

Oh, and breakfast.

Basically, it says that chains like Lotteria and McDonald’s are finally having good business again. They tried to get the well-being crowd with (ICK!) Pumpkin Burgers and–well–that nasty Rice Burger was part of their well-being fiasco.

What has worked were Lotteria’s premium burger line (like the Frico Burger, which I still love) and McDonald’s and Starbucks introducing breakfast.

I know, I know. Every Westerner who has stayed on this peninsula for even a few days has said that Korean fast food tastes horrible (Where’s the beef?) and needs to have breakfast (Where’s the McMuffin?).

We have also learned that it takes a while for the big ajosshies in charge to grasp at basic lemonade stand business sense.

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