Wow, it seems that Edward Kim is getting all over the place. He was recently featured on Marmot’s Hole for his take on the Azia Kim scandal at Stanford.

Yet he’s also written an interesting bit on the Pinkberry vs. Red Mango Korean yogurt craze (touched on a bit on this site earlier) and how it relates to Korean culture. Even though I agree a bit with Edward’s comment that Korean traditional sweets are not as sweet as its Western counterparts. Yet it still baffles me that Korean interpretations of much of Western cuisine is loaded with sweetness, from the always prevalent sweet pickles accompanying Western food to the fact that I can’t find anything at a Korean bakery that isn’t cloyingly sweet, including the meat pastries.

Nonetheless, the comparisons between Korean-style yogurt and Sundubu Jjigae (Soft Tofu Stew) are insightful. I look forward to more of Edward’s opinions on Korean cuisine on the international landscape.

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