BBQ's Chicken Nuggets and Cola in the Same Cup

Serious Eats has just profiled BBQ’s “technology” of serving beverage and chicken in the same container. I’ve seen these around for a while.

I also just found out, belatedly, that BBQ has finally branched out into the American market (Ed Levine reviews). That is some seriously good chicken, and I wish I had opened a franchise there.


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2 thoughts on “BBQ's Chicken Nuggets and Cola in the Same Cup”

  1. Are these things popular there? Do you see many people ordering them? I’d never seen them before until BBQ Chicken opened a location just around the corner from our office. This thing is kind of ingenious.

  2. I haven’t seen them at BBQ (yet). I’ve mostly seen them at pojang machas (street food stands) or little fast food counters that catered to elementary and high school students.


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