Jeonju, the capital of North Jeolla Province is 3 hours away from Seoul.

Pungnammun Gate

Pungnammun Gate (전주 풍남문)

Having done my research, Jeonju was chosen as part of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network. I was hoping to taste really good Korean food in this city.

With an empty stomach, I began to explore the cuisine of Jeonju. I was approach by a local who asked me if I lost my way. I replied in Korean that I wanted to find good food here and she led me to a restaurant called “Cheonnyeon-nuri Bom- 천년누리 붐”.

천년 누리 봄 seoulawesome.wordpress.com


I ordered Bibimbap since Jeonju is famous for that.

And then I realized this is not “Jeonju Bibimbap” but “Sanyacho Bibimbap”. The bibimbap is topped with fresh and delicious vegetables with no meat. I was surprised at how delicious this bibimbap is.


Sanyacho Bibimbap 산야초 비빔밥


Generous Banchan

The Jeolla region usually serve their Banchan generously. Even pajeon is part of the banchan! What’s more, this wild vegetables bibimbap meal only cost me 7,000 Won!

Indeed, I had a hearty and healthy meal.

Definitely a must-visit if you were to visit Jeonju.



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