Fall is my favorite day of the year. And it came and went quickly.

I arrived at work, and it was freezing. We turned on the heater, but it doesn’t warm up the building for a couple of hours. I needed something hot and soothing to give me energy for the day.

Luckily Korean food was made for this type of situation.

I was unsure about ordering something without fatty meat. Tuna just sounds too healthy for a cold growing boy.

Yet I went ahead with it. And it was a good call. The soup was full of tang. The tuna gave it a sweet smoothness.

We ordered it from Olive, which is one of the few choices we have for delivery in our school’s area. It gets tiresome ordering from the same restaurant all the time. Yet they have a sizable menu, and their Korean section has never failed me. Sometimes their side dishes (banchan 반찬) are pretty decent. What do we have here?

Some fish noodles and balls — good

Fresh kimchi — better than usual

Stir-fried spinach — made me feel like I was eating healthy

The hard marinated black beans — eh, somewhat edible

Like all Korean orders, it came with rice in a stainless steel bowl (not pictured). This meal actually held me over until the end of work, which is rare. And I’m pretty sure it didn’t hurt my girlish figure either.

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