Fatman and Seoul Eats in Ansan Asia Town

This past Sunday, I met up with Fatman Seoul and Dan Gray (Seoul Eats) in that little haven that I have grown to love this past year–Ansan Asia Town.  I’m waiting for them to post what we did, as they had their high-powered cameras shuttering so much that I just gave up and pocketed mine.


Best Vietnamese food in Korea

Addictive braided Chinese doughnuts

Dan found shallots

Fatman and I got some Thai and Indonesian ingredients

Finding out that the beloved Uzbek cafe is actually a family-run franchise in Korea

If you are interested in joining us in one of our occasional food outings down there, Robert Wicks has set up a Facebook group, Amalgam Ansan.

Here are some of my shots of Asia Town and its restaurants from this weekend and this past year.

Taken before they renovated the streets

That's a durian shake in the background

Dessert Star Destroyer

Vintage Post: Ricetard


5 thoughts on “Fatman and Seoul Eats in Ansan Asia Town”

  1. Exit Ansan Station where you see traffic. Go through the underpass, and you’re on the main street through Asia Town. The Vietnamese restaurant is the second street on your left.

  2. So how do you get to these restaurants? Particularly the one with the delicious looking spring rolls. If you could provide directions from the subway station that would be great.


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