Crispy Pajeon, Rainy Day Food

I’ve asked a few people in Korea what they like to eat when it rains. A common answer is pajeon, the green onion pancake. It’s because the sizzling sound in the pan sounds like the rain.

It has been raining way too much lately. We are stuck inside on a drizzly Sunday, so EJ has made some crispy pajeon–made sure she got some good caramelization on the onions. She uses very minimum batter, which is usually a mixture of flour, water and a smidgen of baking powder. She loads it with Chinese chives (buchu 부추), slivered carrots and thinly sliced white onions and cooks it with a good bit of hot oil to get it nice and crispy.

Best enjoyed with beer.


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4 thoughts on “Crispy Pajeon, Rainy Day Food”

  1. “Best enjoyed with beer.”Interesting… I’ve always had korean pancakes with makgeolli or dong dong ju.  Now that you mention it, it does sound like it would go well with beer.      

  2. Hey, thanks for that recipe.I always run out of pre-mix pajeon flour. Now I can make my own for my boys. 🙂 Doddie


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