Okay, here are some Frankenfoods for you .

I came across this microwavable Jeonju Bibimbap at E-Mart. It’s not just bibimbap. It’s Jeonju Bibimbap, which is supposed to be the best. Number one.


Opening the box revealed (clockwise from top left) Bibimbap Sauce, Sesame Oil, a container of Rice, a package of vegetables and a small spoon.

Here’s the microwave part. I nuked the rice for two minutes. I didn’t have to put water in there. It just cooked by itself with whatever contents were already in the bowl.

Next I pooped out the package of vegetables. Don’t they look appetizing? I think there’s some carrot, mushroom and bean sprout in there. The last time I puked looked sorta like this.

Squeeze out the Sesame Oil and Bibimbap Sauce.



Actually, it didn’t taste so bad. The Sesame Oil and Bibimbap Sauce carried most of the flavor.

The vegetables still scare me, though.

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