When my friend Chris and I usually meet up near his place, he always prefers to go sit outside at this fried chicken restaurant. The place is okay. Service is great, and the fries are good.

Yet I had noticed that a barbecued chicken joint had opened near him. He had never noticed it before, but old food habits die hard with him.

After watching some hockey (ANYANG!! HALLA!!) nearby, we decided to meet up. He said he’d be a while, so I told him I’m going to the barbecue place.

The name of the place is Korea Barbecue, but it’s only written in hangeul on the sign as 코리아 ë°”ë² í.

It looks very similar to a Hoo-La-La barbecue place, which I will post about some time. It’s traditional looking with kimchi pots on the roof and strung lights.

The great unique thing on this menu is the Smoked Turkey. I can’t believe we found turkey in Korea!

Like all these types of BBQ joints, it came on a hot iron platter with sizzling onions.

Condiments were a salt and pepper mixture, a smattering of honey mustard and a brown sweet sauce.

I played around with the camera’s night mode, using an overturned ashtray as a tripod.

Chris showed up, and he now says this will be the spot where we’ll meet for beers.

He wasn’t looking me in the eye when he said that–more over my shoulder. I looked behind me and saw one of the reasons for his new preference.

Go figure.

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