Ah, lunch time again! Today’s was a bit starchy. Here’s what was on tap.

Sundubu Guk – This mild soft tofu soup had mushrooms and was flavored with wild sesame

Mixed Rice – Same rice as before with kidney beans and other goodies

Mung Bean Jelly – Not much flavor, even with the flavoring, but satisfying texture

Radish Kimchi – These were good. They helped balance the starchiness of the other foods.

Chwinamul – Had this again.

Kelp in Soy Sauce – I normally tolerate kelp at best. This was really good. It was stewed in a very sweet soy sauce. Almost like candy.

Ddeok Jjim – Basically ddeokbokki. Rice cakes were stewed in a rich spicy sauce with cabbage. It was hearty.

I have a lunch meeting tomorrow. I don’t know where it will be. So I may not do a temple lunch. I still don’t know what to think about going vegan for lunch. So far, so good. I’ve been bad at dinner, though. Last night I made southwest chicken burritos smothered in cheese and salsa. I say this, though. Along with not getting the mid-afternoon sleepies, my stomach doesn’t get all acidy either. That’s a chronic problem with the males in my family. I’ve been able to tame it somewhat since moving to Korea in 2004. But it does flare up when I consume heavy or processed meats, rich foods, and lots of alcohol.

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