Infused Soju

The Korea Herald has posted a piece I wrote about my infused soju experiment.

‘Tis the season for seriously infused soju


The Wedding

Wedding Daze #6: Post-Wedding Daze


5 thoughts on “Infused Soju”

  1. I am very intrigued by the bloody mary-infused soju, but there is one thing you don’t mention- How was it? How did it taste? Would you recommend making that or would the effort be better spent on something easier, like lemon?

    Also, those jars you used- What do they look like up top? Do they have a cover, or did you make the cover yourself? Just wondering what to look for at the shop.

    Thanks a lot, and congrats on the wedding!

    • The jars had rubber stoppers on the tops, so they were well sealed. Going for lemon is a good safe way to do it. The Bloody Mary experiment was for the foodies. I try to push the boundaries on what one can do, and since unsweetened tomato juice is hard to come by, I thought it made a decent shooter for parties. But for your own personal use, go for lemon. That should taste great!

  2. Yeah, my dad infuses booze with ginseng all the time, but I don’t really know how sterile his methods are. Congratulations on the wedding! and really, all this Star Chef talk, making me so sad. If I ever get back to Seoul, I haaave to go, it totally sounds like the sort of place I’d adore.

  3. I’ve made bacon infused whiskey before, but I really like the idea of mixing two infused alcohols into a complicated shot.

    Also, the pizza box oven is genius. I’m definitely going to have to try that for a couple recipes.


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