Picture taken with my Galaxy S phone

I’m always excited when, after living here for eight years, I find a great food that I had never had before.

Friends, meet Nakji Gguri.

It’s barely grilled octopus. Still rare in the middle while just kissed by charcoal flames. This particular kind was just rubbed in salt and sesame oil. So simple. So perfect!

We had this at a Jeollanam-do style restaurant called ShinanChon 신안촌, the Gwanghwamun location. The main purpose of our gathering was to have some Hongeo Hui and podcast about it. The Hongeo was just fine, but I think I’m getting my fill of it. In fact, my wife has noticed that my immune system tends to slack each time I gorge on it, seeing that I usually feel under the weather the next day. This restaurant also serves some decadent oysters in the shell, already shucked and sitting there to be slurped.

The octopus really stood out. I couldn’t get enough of it, and I am dreaming about it now.


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