ZenKimchi in New York–in Pictures

It’ll be a while before I can blog about everything, and some places are just out of the scope of this site. So I’ll link to the Flickr sets I organized of the 2010 trip to New York. Remember that you can see all of the collections and sets on Flickr. I have all pictures divided by month, individual foods and restaurants inside and outside of Korea. All the New York pics are in the September 2010 set.

Click on the picture to go to the set.

10 Downing
Fatty Crab
Ploy Thai
Gray's Papaya
Out of the Kitchen
M. Wells Diner
Golden Shopping Mall
Sun Mary Bakery
Song Ga Ne Kimbap
The Summit Bar
Union Square Market
11 Madison Park
Star Chefs 2010
Manhattan Koreatown
L'Ecole (International Culinary Center)
Bleecker St. Pizza (okay, there's only one pic)
Blue Ribbon Wine Bar
Jacques Torres
Nougatine at Jean-Georges
Ma Peche
Momofuku Milk Bar
Korean restaurants in New York
The Pony Bar
Xiao Ye
(secret Italian restaurant)

ZenKimchi in New York, part 7: The Big Finish

Where the Slowest Foods Meet the Freshest Foods


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