Here is my latest feature article for Yonhap News about Korean food in Manhattan.  It’s always fun to meet more people in the culinary world, especially those who are commited to Korean food in New York where my heart lies.  Writing stories about different aspects of Korean food in New York is my way of recording a small part of history that continues to evolve and an excuse for me to meet great people and get inspired.  I hope you enjoy reading this one!


In Midtown Manhattan, the root of Korean food’s popularity stems from the sizzle that fills the air at Koreatown’s many restaurants, whether it be from the crackling heat of stone pot bibimbap or the hot sputter of galbi beef ribs on the grill.

Many New Yorkers have been introduced to Korean food here in K-town, yet many would equate it with do-it-yourself tabletop grilling of meat and plentiful, refillable side dishes that can sometimes cover the whole table.

To read the complete article, you can follow the link here.

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