The Youngest Member of Team ZenKimchi

We’re expecting a new ZenKimchi team member in December. Her current name is “Alkongi,” or “Eggbeany.” Looks like a lizard right now, but I hear that he’ll become a cute baby that cries and poops.


Introducing Alkongi

This Rocky Trimester


8 thoughts on “The Youngest Member of Team ZenKimchi”

  1. I’m looking forward for the new line of posts for next year… Zenkimchi Korean babyfood blog! Congratulations !!!

  2. Egg beany……OK . Congratulations to the proud Amonee and Abojee. Perhaps we can now buy you a cup of formula instead of a coffee. This is so cool and you are both blessed. May God provide your wife with an easy pregnancy and you with a sense of humor so when she is crazy tired and emotional, you will lift her spirits and your own too.

  3. wow, congratulations.. 😀 I’m very happy for this good news. Say hi to “Alkongi” (ė•ŒėŊŠė´?).. cute 태ëĒ….. hehe I hope your wife and baby are both happy and healthy. God bless you and your family. 😀


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