“I’m not going to have to get naked, am I?”

Trailblazing pitmaster Linus Kim (Linus’ Bama-style Barbecue) looked at me with a grin with a hint of fear. We’d run into each other at Pussyfoot Saloon, one of Seoul’s best new cocktail emporiums. Also in the room were Chuck Chun (California Kitchen & Craft Pub) and Wendell Louie, the owner of Pussyfoot and Mix & Malt. Three restaurateurs who were picked for this weird project were in the same room. I said, “No, you won’t have to be naked. But this is real. We’re going for it.”

We’re going to make Seoul’s first ever Sexy Chef Calendar.

But… Why?

This wasn’t my idea. I ain’t taking credit for this.

Dan Suh pulled me in. It wasn’t his idea either–totally. It was The Sool Company’s Julia Mellor. She had the inspiration to create a calendar of the larger-than-life personalities behind the growing and vibrant Seoul restaurant scene. A sexy calendar. Kind of like a sexy fireman calendar but with Linus Kim.

“Imagine! Linus shirtless with a rack of ribs across his chest.”

No one had done anything like this in Korea. It was a crazy idea. So of course, I signed up for it.

Oh, and it was in November. We didn’t have much time.

First off, it had to be for charity. We took votes on RBS and Oak Tree Project won out. We contacted them, and they were happy to work with us. Oak Tree Project provides mentoring and scholarships for college-bound Korean orphans. Really amazing work they do.

A Sexy Ass Dream Team

We assembled a team. We got two well-respected photographers, Anuj Madan and Robert Michael Evans. The head of Starlight Productions, “Flowerbomb,” got on board as creative director.

This was the coup! When she decided to do this, I went full steam. Starlight Productions is the top burlesque troupe in Seoul. I’d watched a couple of their shows at events in the past–my favorite being their take on Star Wars. To round out this dream team, we got Groove Magazine to help design and secure a printer, and Corey Lajeunesse volunteered his studio.

Some of the more cynical members of RBS (mostly the middle-aged ajosshi contingent) laughed us off, but we were still able to raise the money through individual donations and humongous support from Shuttle, as well as ample donations from Ghettoria NY Pizza, California Kitchen & Craft Pub, Pussyfoot Saloon and Mix & Malt, Ryan Smokehouse, and Tom’s Pizza Pub & Hot Sauce. We also offered prizes from Korea Food Tours and GeekDrink.

Now to convince chefs to do it.

We didn’t limit it to chefs. We considered anyone in the local restaurant and bar industry. We took nominations and votes on Restaurant Buzz Seoul. Some jokers nominated Wendell Louie’s dogs. They should learn to not joke with us–we take those as challenges.

Lots of cajoling and begging and promises–it was basically like my marriage. But we got the chefs to do it. Women, men, even Wendell’s dogs were game.

Wendell and his dogs

A Retro Pin-up Calendar Concept

Flowerbomb took over the concept. She sent pictures of pin-up calendars. I was like, “Wow! This is ambitious.”

Pin-up example Pin-up example Pin-up example

Pin-up example Pin-up example

When they got into the studio, they pulled it off.

Chuck doing the pose

As of this writing, we’ve finished the design and have sent it off to the printers. The calendars will be available at participating restaurants. You can also order one through us if you pay for the shipping. Contact me. The suggested donation is a minimum of W10,000 KRW or $10 USD. We’re not making money off this. All net income will go straight to The Oak Tree Project.

PLUS!! Exclusive coupons are in there.

This is a work of art. This may be valuable on eBay some day.


Here’s the line up.



Sydney Langford

Concept: 1920s champagne New Year

January - Pocket


Tom’s Pizza

Grace Yoo & Tom Thurston

Concept: Naughty I Love Lucy

February - Tom's Pizza


Morococo Cafe


Concept: Indulgent and seductive Morocco

March - Morococo Cafe


Just BLT

Duri Cha

Concept: Red, White, Green (BLT!), fresh Springtime allure. Duri is gorgeous! Craving a BLT right now…

April - Just BLT


Southside Parlor

Robbie Nguyen, Phillip Abowd, Bobby Kim

Concept: Classic Copptertone ad — These guys really put it on!

May - Southside ParlorImage result for coppertone ad


Linus’ Bama-style Barbecue

Linus Kim

Concept: ’50s DILF manning the grill at a Tiki party

June - Linus' Bama Style Barbecue


July - Spoonme


Karen Sylvana

Concept: Karen. Wow! Oh, and there are some vegetables.


August - Pussyfoot Saloon and Mix & Malt

Pussyfoot Saloon and Mix & Malt

Wendell Louie and His Dogs

Concept: Classy Gatsby shindig


September - California Kitchen and Craft Pub

California Kitchen & Craft Bar

Chuck Chun

Concept: California, sports, sexy cheerleader–and Chuck gets the prize for most pain-inducing pose


October - Lumi Kombucha

Lumi Kombucha

Becca Baldwin

Concept: Sexy Mad Scientist. B-movie horror.


November - Ryan Smokehouse

Ryan Smokehouse

Ryan Wesley Phillips

Concept: Texan cowboy Thanksgiving. 


December - The Workshop

The Workshop

Reza Carr

Concept: Bing Crosby crooner Christmas album

How Do I Get a Calendar?

There is a limited supply at each of the following locations. Get yours quickly.

Mix & Malt
Pussyfoot Saloon 
Tom’s Pizza
Ryan Smokehouse
Just BLT
Southside Parlor
Linus’ Bama-style Barbecue
Morococo Cafe
California Kitchen & Craft Bar
The Workshop

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