The Prison Bar

This was a late night smartphone pic. Please forgive the less than professional finesse.

I’d heard about this prison bar, called Gamok 감옥 (“Jail”) in Anyang for a while, so we checked it out. The outside has mannequins dressed like convicts, and you go downstairs into what looks like a dungeon. Actually, it looks like any other college-aimed hof with high-backed booths and colored lighting. But each booth was lined with prison bars. The wait staff were dressed in black and white striped prison jumpsuits. But that was the extent of the theming.

I’m no masochist, but when I go to a place that is themed like a prison, I expect somewhat abusive prison guards, not young college kids in prison garb bowing and being polite. They didn’t even lock us in our booth!

What? Yeah, I was expecting that.

But then we investigated further. There was a TV in every booth. And the TVs were playing awful gag comedies. And we couldn’t turn off the TV or change the channel. Then we looked at the menu, and it was full of the usual college crap of soups and honey mustard laden mystery meats. We ordered the plate of fries to be safe. Then when I went into the bathroom, there were entire cells full of college kids all passed out.

Passed out? Or fatigued from TORTURE??

Okay, what it lacked in prisonness it made for in creepiness.

There are some better photos and videos here and here.


Gwangju Tteokgalbi

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2 thoughts on “The Prison Bar”

  1. In Tokyo there are a couple of places like this (The lockup, etc,). 

    Mini-shirt chicks handcuff you when you enter the place, before taking you to your cell. Food is mmm… regular izakata crap.They have a kind of “happening”, they regularly turn off the lights, while broadcasting alert message “the monsters have escaped!”. Monster-dressed waiters creep to your booth in the dark, and try to scare the ladies… Cheap disney-ish experience, might be fun if you’re drunk enough 🙂

    There is also the ‘Prison hospital’ in Shibuya, which seems fun too.Didn’t try it yet though.


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